3 Recession-Proof Marketing Techniques For Small Business Owners

We are now officially in a recession and what does this mean for small businesses? If you are going to cut your marketing budget just because you are experiencing lower sales, you are getting it all wrong. Marketing is the element that can directly attributed to sales. Cutting your marketing budget will not help increasing the bottom line of your business at all because marketing is all about retaining current customers and acquiring new ones.

Without customers, your business will hardly survive. In this small business marketing article, I am going to share with you three recession-proof marketing techniques that will bring considerable results without having to break your bank account.

Marketing Technique #1 Social Media Marketing

The development of Internet, particularly in the field of social media has opened a wide range of opportunities for online interaction. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube act as a medium for web user interaction via different methods. People love to go to these sites and spend hours trying to meet like-minded people as well as learning more about a subject that they are interested in.

These sites also house millions (billions in total) of members. You are placing your business, products and services in front of these eyeballs if you start to upload content in the form of articles, videos, podcasts or documents onto these platforms.

Apart from providing the free content that will help to position you as an expert in your industry, you can also connect with your target market by solving problems that they have or by adding value to the relationships through giveaways of special discount codes to followers of yours on these social media platforms.

Marketing Technique #2 Customer Leads Collection

Do you have contact information of your previous and existing customers? These are leads that can play a crucial role in retaining customers to secure future sales. There is another type of leads that can be categorized as prospects, which are people that are likely to turn into customers after you follow up with them, either through phone calls or emails.

Collection of leads can be done easily with the Internet. There are a lot of autoresponders and email marketing services that seek to provide you with solutions on lead collection. Often times, people collect leads by offering their site visitors with free information. As mentioned above, you can also retain the email and contact information of your customers after they contribute to the sales of your business.

Marketing Technique #3 Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, like social media marketing, requires little or no money to get the intended results. One can employ a search engine optimization agency to perform link building and website optimization tasks for them. If you are on a tight budget, you can always learn about important optimization factors from search engine marketing blogs and resources all over the Internet.

Search engine optimization often includes keyword research to find out keywords that a potential customer is likely to search for using search engines. You will then try to optimize pages on your site by implementing various optimization elements for keywords that you plan to target. Link building comes in later as links pointing towards your site act as votes on the quality of your content and search engines rank sites for keywords based on the number of ‘votes’ you get.